Corona: development plans and the future


Adam Hotovy. Partner and CEO.  Render Legion

Хотите узнать, чего ждать от Короны в ближайшем будущем? Приходите! На конференцию приедут сами разработчики, которых можно будет замучить вопросам!

Adam will be talking about development plans and future of the Corona Renderer. His talk will include topics related to 3ds max & Cinema 4D plugins, recently announced VR app, CG community, warez and a summary of the first two years in business with the commercial version of Corona Renderer.



Adam is partner and CEO at Render Legion – the creator of Corona Renderer. Prior joining Ondrej and starting Render Legion together, Adam was working as an architectural visualiser for well-known studios like Vyonyx, AsymmetricA and VIZE and was recognised for his artistic approach in ArchViz.

  ||   CG EVENT 2016 MOSCOW, Render