Meeting Point Section.

Meeting Point is a special section of CG EVENT in the form of the trade-show. It is a place where one can familiarize himself/ herself with works and communicate face-to-face with their authors as well. The major sense of the project is that all participants of Meeting Point will be able to show their level as to potential Customers as to the whole audience at Conference CG EVENT.

Thus, if you are an advertising agency or production company and you need contractors in the sphere of CGI/VFX then you are sure to find them at CG EVENT right in the lounge of the conference. If you want to come, look at them and communicate then write a message at address point@cgevent.ru with a mark <CG event>. An application form and a free ticket to the conference will be sent to you as well as further instructions will be provided. At the conference you will receive a set of demo reels and catalogue of companies taking part in the Meeting Point. The only thing you should do is to choose the best.

If you are a studio with working experience, you are looking for orders and customers you want to show your works and are going to CG EVENT (or at least you are reading this text) then it seems reasonable for you to brush up your demo reel carefully and prepare business cards and probably printed materials, to write an empathetic text telling what you can do and how well you do it. Are you still interested? Go on reading:

Each studio-participant will have a work place in the lounge in the form of the plasma panel, a working desk and a stool. Every participant receives two VIP-tickets, possibility to show their demo reels and other materials by plasma panel, distribute printed information about them, communicate with potential Customers and audience of the Event and get into the catalogue of participants of  Meeting Point.



Meeting Point section will operate every day in the conference’s lounge from 12:00 till closing.

Cost of participation in Project Meeting Point – 25,000 rubles (two VIP-tickets at price of 5,500 rubles are included in this cost).

Applications are accepted by November 30.

To take part in the Project:
 Download the application form here and fill it.
Name the file with the application form by the name of your studio.
- Send an e-mail with attached application form to address point@cgevent.ru, specify subject as Meeting Point
- Prepare a demo reel. Record it on flash cards, CDs and etc. Take it along.
 At your disposal you will have a plasma panel with VGA/DVI input. Take along essential cables necessary to output a video signal from your laptop or another device.
- Be sure to take a laptop or another device from which you will show your reel.
- Probably you would like to take small speakers if you are not satisfied with the sound of plasma panel. Note that a restriction for volume level will be applied.
- Moreover, note that we will not be able to provide you with the space for storing boxes and other large-size objects. Bags may be left in the cloakroom.

All additional questions may be asked by e-mail to address point@cgevent.ru.

Informational support: