Sci-fi City and beyond: Production Workflows with NUKE and V-Ray for NUKE


Shahin Toosi. Senior Lighter Compositor. Lipsync. London.

Абсолютно новая парадигма композинга от Chaos Group и TheFoundry (c переводом).

Shahin Toosi will demonstrate Sci-fi City – a project that lay the foundations of a new approach to workflows for compositors- from layout, lighting, materials, texture assignment and rendering inside NUKE and NUKE Studio, using V-Ray for NUKE.


He will focus on a compositor’s approach to rendering by utilizing projections and render tricks that are unique to V-Ray for NUKE. Shahin currently implemented the same workflow in several projects at Lipsync Post in London and will present some exclusive content from the studio’s current productions.




Shahin Toosi, Senior Lighter Compositor, Lipsync

Shahin Toosi started his career in VFX for feature film in 2005 on X-Men 3 and has since worked at Framestore, Moving Picture Company and as Senior Compositor at Double Negative for the last 7 years. He lately joined Lipsync Post to establish a Lighter Compositor Pipeline within V-Ray for NUKE. Shahin’s work can be found in such films as “The Dark Knight”, “The Dark Knight Rises”, “Scott Pilgrim vs the World”, “ Captain America: The First Avenger”, “Thor: The Dark World, “Exodus: Gods and Kings”, “ Godzilla”, to name but a few.


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