KATANA: power and freedom


Jordan Thistlewood. Senior Product Manager. The Foundry, London

Для всех, кто хочет разобраться, что же такое KATANA и для всех, кто хочет узнать, что нового в версии 2.5 — прямо из первых рук.

Jordan Thistlewood, Senior Product Manager — Look Development and Lighting, will talk about KATANA and how it brings power to the pipeline and freedom to the artists.  Find out why studios both large and small, vfx and/or animation have chosen to deploy KATANA in their pipeline.



Jordan Thistlewood is product manager for the Foundry’s KATANA lighting and look-development tool. His passion for lighting was ignited during his studies for a BFA in Drama at the University of Calgary, where he specialized in Lighting and Set Design. Before joining the Foundry, he enjoyed a 15-year career in lighting production spanning TV animation, feature animation and VFX. His combined experience enables him to weigh in on both the technology and craft of modern CG lighting.


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