Cinema 4D R18: тонны новых фич из первых рук


Glenn Frey. Product marketing specialist. Maxon Computer

Maxon’s new release of Cinema 4D is one of the biggest releases in years and has something for everybody inside. Huge time savers as well as unrivaled features that are real game changers.
Especially MoGraph user should watch this presentation since Maxon added so many features to this unmatched tool that this alone could fill a one hour presentation.
Glenn Frey from Maxon is looking forward meeting you on the Moscow event to answer all (or most ;) of your Cinema 4D related questions.



Glenn Frey. Maxon Computer, Product marketing specialist
Website: www.maxon.net
Coming from the creative side of the music business, Glenn Frey also alwayshad a passion for drawing characters and 3D. When he tried out Cinema 4D heinstantly fell in love and in 2004, after only 3 month of learning the tools, healready worked as a freelancer for Maxon Computer, writing the quick startmanual and giving workshops and presentations. In 2009 he became a solidmember of the Maxon family and now after 7 years of great work and meetinggreat people, he still thinks that this was the best decision of his life.

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