Territory Studio. Английские спецэффекты. От Бэтмена до Марсианина.


Nick Lyons. Motion Designer. Territory Studio, London

В это году в Москву все-таки приедет легендарная английская Territory Studio, делавшая спецэффекты для таким проектов как Guardians of The Galaxy, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Spy, Hitman: Agent 47, Ex Machina, Jupiter Ascending, Fast and Furious 6 and Prometheus. И расскажет о том, как одна студия работает в самых разных направлениях: спецэффекты для кино, реклама, моушен-дизайн, синематики, веб-дизайн, научная визуализация. В чем секрет неповторимого английского визуального стиля, почему моушен-дизайн оказывает влияние на все проекты студии и как рождается неповторимая картинка.
В частности речь пойдет о следующих проектах.
Создание 360°-трейлера для фильма Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice и в частности разработка панорамного визуального ряда для Бэтмобиля

Working closely with Warner Bros. and Facebook, Territory create an exclusive 360° trailer that reveals the first up close and personal views of the Batmobile, ahead of the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Briefed by Facebook to create an exclusive 360 trailer of the Batmobile, we delivered a richly textured cinematic experience that reveals stunning details about the iconic supercar. From 3D capture through to CGI reconstruction and final 360 delivery, Territory set out to give the viewer unprecedented access to the fine details only a personal inspection of the Batmobile could offer. With the aim to capture extreme amounts of photo-real detail, from dirt and dust, to scratches and dents in the Batmobile’s bodywork, the team worked with a multi-camera photogrammetry rig, that made several passes around the vehicle.

Уникальный рекламный проект для Clarins, сочетающий в себе анимацию, спецэффекты, маппинг и проекционные инсталляции.

When Clarins wanted a series of stunning animations for a new installation, Territory was tapped to bring this innovative retail experience to life.
Working with creative agency Haygarth, we created animated content for a ground breaking real time projection mapping installation that takes users on a journey of ‘a day in the life of your skin’, giving each visitor a personalized sense of how daily environmental stresses affect them. We designed and animated a series of beautiful surface textures that illustrate various environmental factors, such as UV light, pollution, climate, etc., and which are projected on to an individual’s facial contours using infrared depth cameras, adaptive facial tracking and dynamic projection mapping technology.

Потрясающий социальный проект ’Changing Minds’ для которого студия сделала визуализацию детских неврологических и эмоциональных травм, демонстрирующую, как детский мозг реагирует на внешние воздействия.

A joint campaign between Ad Council, Futures Without Violence, and the U.S. Department of Justice, ‘Changing Minds’ is the first national campaign in the USA to raise awareness about the impact of childhood exposure to violence, and teach simple actions that can help to heal childhood trauma.
With only 60 seconds to communicate a powerful message, the animation, titled ‘the Science of Childhood Trauma’, explains a complex emotional and neurological process quickly and effectively.
Drawing on the studio’s expertise in crafting UI and graphic narratives for film and games, the concept references familiar clinical imagery of brain, neural and synaptic structures, using stylised graphics and easily recognizable icons to deliver an accessible and engaging narrative.




Nick Lyons is a designer/animator living in London, but originally from California. He plays the bagpipes and rides his bike as often as possible, but rarely does both at the same time.

Territory Studio is an independent creative agency established in 2010 and headquartered in London, with offices in San Francisco and New York. The company is probably best known for its user interface design seen in major blockbuster films, but it also works on design and digital projects for various commercial clients.

The company created on-screen graphics and user interfaces for many of the biggest sci-fi hits of the past year — from Guardians of the Galaxy to Ex Machina. Territory have also produced the screens for the NASA control room in The Martian, as well as screens for the spaceship and Martian lab. On this project, The studio was working directly with NASA to imagine the interfaces humans will use to communicate between extraterrestrial explorers and Earth.

In design, there are branding and graphics projects for Virgin Atlantic, Space NK and the Guardian; in digital, there are interactives for Lord’s, UI design for Microsoft Xbox Sport, iPad apps for Vogue, and website design for JJ Sweeney.


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