Motion Graphics in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. From Iron Man to Thor Ragnarok


John LePore. Creative Director at Perception

Создание графики для огромного количество марвеловских проектов от студии Perception. Особенности создания моушен дизайна для кино. От «Железного человека» до «Спайдермена». И даже последние подробности о создании эффектов для Thor Ragnarok.

The team at Perception has collaborated with Marvel Studios on over a dozen blockbusters in the past 8 years. Chief Creative Director John LePore breaks down Perception’s approach to working with the Marvel team, and explores the creative process behind various title sequences, holographic interfaces and much more. John will cover projects dating back to Iron Man 2, as well as projects as recent as Spider-Man: Homecoming, and Thor: Ragnarok.



John LePore has his dream job. After collaborating with many talented studios and directors, John found a home at Perception, where he joined the staff as a senior designer. Hundreds of projects later, John has been the Creative Director at Perception since 2010, working directly under owners Danny Gonzalez and Jeremy Lasky.
From designing ABC News’ data-rich election-night coverage, to the gadgets and devices of Iron Man 2, to some of next-generation’s most exciting real-world devices, John has played an integral role in Perception’s evolution into the first name in conceptual interfaces. Every day John considers himself fortunate to contribute to blockbuster films, cutting edge brands, and the most impressive technology products.

Always eager to share his craft, John been featured on Engadget and Access Granted, presented at Siggraph, NAB, and other industry conferences, and frequently works as an ambassador for Maxon Computer (creators of Cinema 4D).

  ||   CG EVENT MOSCOW 2017, Compos&VFX, Motion Design