What‘s New in Cinema 4D Release 21


Glenn Frey. Maxon

Конечно после двадцатки трудно удивлять. Но ведь и юбилеи бывают не каждый год — но что ж, теперь подарки дарить раз в десять лет? Нет! Дед Мороз Glenn Frey принес всем подарков для взрослых, ибо 21 — это уже не игрушки, а серьезный возраст. Поглядим, что там в мешке…


Cinema 4D Release 21, the newest generation of Maxon’s leading 3D software, offers numerous new workflow improvements and and features for VFX and motion graphics artists: the node-based material system is now available for ProRender, Nodes finally have a 3rd-Party API, MoGraph Fields now offer Field Forces for impressive eye-candy effects and volumes can be rendered in ProRender. The all-new weighting algorithms provide a highly accurate auto-weighting in no time and the Character Builder now supports Mixamo rigs and the animation timeline is now incredibly fast. Windows gets HiDPI support and both Windows and Mac now have high-res support for the viewport. The Project Asset Inspector will now fi nd any file for you and the UV Gizmo is a huge helper when working with UVs. And there is way more in this year’s release. Glenn’s presentation offers a great overview of the incredible and time-saving new features in Cinema 4D R21.


Glenn Frey. Maxon, Product marketing specialist
Website: www.maxon.net
Coming from the creative side of the music business, Glenn Frey also alwayshad a passion for drawing characters and 3D. When he tried out Cinema 4D heinstantly fell in love and in 2004, after only 3 month of learning the tools, healready worked as a freelancer for Maxon Computer, writing the quick startmanual and giving workshops and presentations. In 2009 he became a solidmember of the Maxon family and now after 7 years of great work and meetinggreat people, he still thinks that this was the best decision of his life.

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