Using Cinema 4D in Motion Graphics


Lars Scholten, freelance CG-artist, Amsterdam

Cinema 4D is famous for it’s ability to create stunning Motion Graphics, and the seamless integration with Adobe After Effects. This presentation show in three “real-life“ projects how Cinema 4D is used in a Motion Graphics pipeline.

Part 01 (15 minutes) UPC Winter Wonderland:


This part I will talk about a promo I did in a team for UPC. The commercial shows a winter wonderland with snowflakes dancing around in the sky. While dancing, the snowflakes “grow” to their final form. I will explain how we the “morphing” of the crystals was achieved, as well as the lighting for the scene.
Part 02 (20 min) Sky Radio Commercial:


In this part I will show the “break-down” of a commercial for Sky Radio. The commercial consists of all kind of paper figures that “pop-up“ from the page of a book (see video). For this animation all kinds of models were rigged in such a way they could fold from a flat page to a 3D object on that page.
In this part of the presentation explains the basic principles of xPresso (xPresso is the node based-scripting language of Cinema 4D). For this I will use a keynote presentation and show some beginner tips & tricks.

Part 03 (25 min) Crowd Simulation:


This part of the presentation will show how we created a crowd in a football stadium, consisting of a few hundred supporters using MoGraph cloners. After covering this part, the presentation shows how easy it is to create a army of robots marching trough a dessert.
A existing model of a robot will be rigged so it can be animated (adding a IK/FK system). A continues walk-cycle is added to the robot by using a special object called cMotion. One walkcycle of the robot will be rendered into a texture. The textures is used in a cloner, in large numbers. This technique is called “billboarding”. In less then 20 minutes a army of robot’s will be walking across the dessert.

Lars Scholten (Amsterdam, 1978) is a freelance CG-artist who specializes in Cinema 4D, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Illustrator. For the College of MultiMedia in Amsterdam he develops and trains the course “3D Producer“, a six month CG-training that runs continues and successful for more then 8 years. In 2011, Maxon (the creators of Cinema 4D), appointed him “Lead Instructor, The Netherlands”.
Besides his job as a trainer, Lars is also a demo artist for Media Machine, the official distributer of Cinema 4D in the Netherlands. He is known for his energetic demonstrations on events, seminars and trade-shows like InfoGraphics 2012, AV Manifestatie and IBC.
As a freelancer he works close together with motion graphics specialists and art-directors, creating promo’s, commercials, trailers and product presentations.


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