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Тут следует написать «Без комментариев». Ибо Андрю готовит эксклюзивный материал для CG EVENT и о чем пойдет речь вы сможете узнать только на самой конференции. По некоторым утечкам, это последние новости о том, чем занимается его студия прямо сейчас и как обстоят дела с разработкой новых тулзов.
А пока вы можете присылать свои вопросы для Эндрю (на английском) на адрес cgevent@gmail.com (с сабжем «вопрос для крамера») или в коменты вот этой новости в телегу.
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Andrew Kramer. Video copilot. Главный


As a freelance artist at age 20, Andrew began to work on the Video Copilot website in his spare time from his apartment in Southern California. The website started with a handful of short After Effects tutorials that were featured on the Creative Cow community. His unusual training style and off-beat humor was a refreshing voice in the training world.

Andrew continued to press the limits of After Effects which ignited a passion to design his own software & plug-ins. Today, Video Copilot plug-ins like Element 3D & Optical Flares are among industry standard tools used by large visual FX studios and individual designers.

The sites online presence led to collaborations for Andrew to work with major companies and even the unique opportunity to work with Director J.J. Abrams on many Film & Television Projects such as Star Trek, Super 8, Fringe, & Almost Human.

Video Copilot has published over 150 Tutorials along with dozens digital products and plug-ins used by professionals designers around the world. Andrew continues to work in the film industry in addition to publishing exciting new products and tutorials for the growing motion design and visual effects community.

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