Ugly Dynamics


Nikita Diakur. Independent artist

Анимация в Ugly — это комбинация кукловодства и компьютерного моделирования, она варьируется от физически точной до абсолютно неправильной. Подобная анимация близка к созданию фильмов из реальной жизни: как и актер, компьютер следует за действиями, заданными аниматором, а результат оказывается естественным или непредсказуемым или даже глубоко личным.

А еще Никита обещал рассказать за НФТ…

The talk focusses on the crude and interactive approach to animation.
Animation in Ugly is a combination of puppeteering and computer simulation and varies between physically accurate and broken.
Animating like this feels close to real-life filmmaking: Like an actor, the computer follows the action set by the animator and produces results that are organic, unpredictable and personal.




Bio: Born in Moscow, Nikita Diakur graduated with an MA in Animation Direction from the Royal College of Art in London, and is now working as an independent artist, director and producer in Leipzig, Germany.
His films UGLY and FEST received critical acclaim at film festivals around the world, including the top awards at Ottawa Animation Festival, Bristol Encounters and VIS Vienna Shorts.
His signature style is a crude and interactive approach to story, design and animation, all embracing spontaneity, randomness and error.
Nikita Diakur is regularly giving talks at art & design conferences, schools and universities; has been a jury member at film and animation festivals; and recently undertook residencies at Q21 and the Open Workshop.
Since 2017, Nikita Diakur is a member of the European Film Academy.

  ||   Animation, Art, Concept Art, Crypto Art, CG EVENT 2021 DIGITAL HUMANS, Rendering