Motion Capture Animation in Cinema 4D


Jonas Pilz. Maxon

In this presentation, Cinema 4D Master Trainer Jonas Pilz will talk about motion capture animation and how you can use it in Cinema 4D. You will learn how to apply the Mixamo Control Rig to animated characters downloaded from Mixamo and how to use Cinema 4D’s free motion capture library on custom characters. Jonas will explain the retargeting workflow inside Cinema 4D as well as how to blend motion capture clips. Finally, Jonas will have a chat with motion capture actress Marta Svetek, who is going to share a lot of her experience and thoughts about motion capture performance.



Jonas Pilz / Professional Experience
Throughout his love for drawing and music, Jonas Pilz realized early that he needs to take a creative profession.

He studied Multimedia and Communications at University of Applied Sciences in Ansbach, Germany. There he discovered his passion for 3D graphics and created all of his study projects in Cinema 4D. Having imagination as the only limit is what fascinates him.

After graduating from university in 2011 Jonas Pilz worked as a freelance 3D generalist for a period of four years and created lots of visualizations and animations for designated industrial clients and television with Cinema 4D.

In 2015 Jonas Pilz became a salaried member of the MAXON family, giving Cinema 4D workshops and presenting MAXON products at trade shows and other public events.

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