MPC Motion Design: from small beginnings to big ideas.


Dave Haupt, Creative Director, MPC Motion Design Studio, London
Will MacNeil, Senior Motion Graphics Artist, MPC Motion Design Studio, London

Мы привыкли, что студия Moving Picture Company шокирует нас потрясающими спецэффектами для голливудских блокбастеров. Однако рекламные ролики от MPC — не менее впечатляющее, завораживающее зрелище. О том, как делается реклама в лондонской студии расскажут специалисты  MPC Motion Design Studio на примерах самых последних проектов.

Таких как ZDF Champions League:

и Adidas Predator Instinct:

Речь также пойдет о том, что Cinema4D занимает центральное место в пайплайне студии и экономит массу времени cg-артистам, позволяя при этом производить удивительные визуальные эффекты.


In this presentation, Creative Director Dave Haupt and Senior Motion Graphics Artist Will MacNeil from The MPC Motion Design Studio will talk you through some of their latest projects, including work for brands such as Adidas and ZDF. The presentation will show how C4D is an essential part of their workflow, and how C4D’s powerful toolset helps them save time and produce spectacular visual experiences.




About Dave Haupt:
Dave has been designing and creating motion graphics for leading brands for over 15 years. After initially working as a senior designer at MPC, he was appointed Creative Director of the Motion Design Studio in 2008
and has developed the department to an internationally respected motion graphics studio with a broad scope of award winning work.
Notable projects include Directing McDonald’s: ‘Piccadilly Signs’ which won Gold Honours at The Creative Circle awards, FAB Creative excellence awards and Bronze at EPICA 2010. Samsung, ‘Extreme Sheep LED Art’ won Silver at the British TelevisionAdvertising Awards 2011 and won overall winner for ‘Best Viral’at the Revolution Awards. The innovative spot has over 19million YouTube hits.
More recently, Dave has creatively directed work on Adidas ‘Samba Collection’, E4 ‘Brand Refresh,’ Travis ‘Moving’ and Three Mobile ‘Digital You.’ He regularly gives keynote presentations atinternational design events and recently championed and judgedan MPC student brief for the D&AD New Blood awards



About Will MacNeil:
Will MacNeil has been working in 3D animation for ten years, and he’s been using C4D since he started. Will currently works as a Senior Designer at MPC’s Motion Design Studio, where he leads animation teams on jobs for clients such as Adidas, Cadbury and Rolex. Prior to joining MPC, Will directed and animated documentary graphics sequences for programmes such as ‘History of Ancient Britain’ (BBC2), ‘Secrets of the Stonehenge Skeletons’ (Channel 4) and the graphics package for ‘PBS Newshour’ in the US. Will has also led training courses in C4D for Soho Editors in London and Manchester.
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