Vlado in RenderLand. CG EVENT 2018 Edition


Vlado Koylazov. Co-founder and CTO, Chaos Group

О будущем. Секреты из первых рук. Папа V-Ray на главной сцене.

The landscape of CG is ever-evolving. Recent developments in real-time, cloud and GPUs are shaping the future of rendering. In this presentation, Vlado will reveal some of the latest features of Chaos Group’s V-Ray, and give an exclusive behind-the-scenes preview of some of the epic attractions under construction for future releases.


Vlado Koylazov is co-founder and head of software development at Chaos Group, and is the driving force behind V-Ray. Passionate about 3D graphics and programming, Vlado is an expert in rendering theory and an avid supporter of the 3D community. He recently was awarded the Scientific & Engineering Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

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