H18 and the absolute worst approach to learning Houdini: Все, что вы даже боялись спросить


Moritz Schwind. ENTAGMA

Да, это случилось. Houdini на главной сцене CG EVENT. В лице неповторимого Moritz Schwind из компании ENTAGMA, много лет служащей источником сакральных знаний для всех гудиньщиков планеты. Мориц поделится инсайдами (игра слов), покажет нетрадиционный путь к просветлению в Гудини и, конечно, пройдется по новым фичам Версии 18. Ну и немного за Битлз…

Does it make sense to start using a 3D app by writing your own solvers? Is it sensible to try understanding medical imaging instead of a user interface?
When it comes to SidefX Houdini, traditional approaches in learning might not be the only path to CG-enlightenment.
In this presentation, Moritz Schwind will take you on a journey through science history, classic computing, physics and design.
He will cover different approaches when it comes to understanding Houdini and where he went wrong on his journey.
Also he will offer a glimpse into the story of how the Beatles are connected to a major scientific breakthrough.
As a bonus, this talk will touch on some of the new features of Houdini 18.




Be it pixels, hardware, code or cameras – if it’s interesting, Moritz is gonna take it apart. And sometimes even reassemble it. In his spare time he likes to dabble with code and create generative artwork. He claims his early exposure to QBasic is no help at all when working in Houdini, Cinema 4D, Processing or Arduino. But it might have been what started his fascination for the boundaries of code and art. When not wreaking havoc to any intriguing devices around him, he works as an Art Director at Aixsponza.

  ||   CG EVENT MOSCOW 2019, R&D+TD, VFX&Compositing