Bifrost BASICS – Technical Session


Roland Reyer. Autodesk

In this session, Roland Reyer will give an introduction to visual programming in Bifrost. For beginners with Bifrost, he will first explain some basics about the user interface and basic concepts of operation, and then go into further detail about how Bifrost works with simple examples. The following techniques will be explained: simulation of particles, aero, cloth, strands, creation and modification of geometry, instancing, and rendering. This webinar should enable participants to start their own projects with Bifrost and thus get deeper into the material.



Roland Reyer. Autodesk

Roland Reyer has started in 1992 as an Application Engineer at Wavefront Technologies GmbH in Germany. He became an industry expert for the entire product portfolio of Wavefront Technologies, later Alias | Wavefront, Alias and finally Autodesk M&E. In his role as an application specialist he tested, showcased and trained Maya from its very first version. With over 29 years product and market experience, Roland now works at Autodesk as a Technical Specialist for Maya, Bifrost, Arnold and ShotGrid, throughout Europe.

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