A glitch in the metaverse with Red Giant


Chad Perkins. Senior Trainer at Maxon

In this session, we will create a 3D metaverse scene in After Effects by sending camera tracking data from After Effects to Cinema, bringing in a 3D character from Cinema 4D, turning it into a hologram, reflecting all of that into a live action plate, and compositing it all together. In the process, we’ll look at multiple ways to create 3D objects using Cineware and Trapcode Form, we’ll create disruptions in those particles using a clip from a vintage martial arts movie (Ninja Death III, if you’re curious), quickly create scrolling lines of code using plugins from Red Giant Universe, create and track a procedural reflection using tools from the VFX Suite, and composite it all together using Supercomp.



Chad Perkins is a Senior Trainer at Maxon. He is a visual effects artist and filmmaker from Seattle, WA, USA. He is a member of the Visual Effects Society and serves on the Board of Managers for the Washington section. He is an award-winning trainer, having authored several books about motion graphics and dozens of training courses for sites like LinkedIn Learning and others.

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